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...rl, and our fearless leader. Finn said pointing at Scarlett and Aerrow with his thumb.Oh, poopie on you! Scarlett shoved Finn away, slightly hurt, but not by much. She knew how Finn was, and she liked him, but that didnt mean she liked every aspect of him.Well, just one name left, Repton, youre on team B. Chris said as he cleaned out one of his ears.Well, this just got, much more interesting. Repton smiled as he made his way towards Starling, looking every bit like the cat that ate the cannery.His progress was cut short however by three individuals. Junko stood in front of Starling, completely blocking her from the raptors view. He was then flanked on each side by Suzi-Lu to the left, and Kai to the right. They didnt say a word, but, like Master Chef, they didnt have to. After all, actions speak louder than words as they say, and these three made their point clear.You want her? You got to get through us first.The raptor grinned and backed away, but he never once turned the other direction. Junko moved back to his position beside Shadow, but Suzi and Kai only moved back a few paces, so that they now were flanking Starling.I can take care of myself you know. I have beaten him on my own, several times in fact. Starling said shooting the two a slight glare.We know. Suzi said.But that doesnt mean we like it. Kai added.Starling rolled her eyes and huffed. Amazing, Im older than both of you, and yet, you treat me like Im the youngest.Well, I think thats about it. I...
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