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Legend of Korra Hentai

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...Except she has no idea what's going on in his mind. Suddenly feeling very self-conscious, she moves to cross her arms over her chest. "Don't," he says, stopping her. "You're beautiful, Korra." Almost hesitantly, his hand reaches up to cup her breast, his questioning gaze meeting hers. "Is this okay?" he asks, and she understands that he's worried she'll shy away, worried he's being too assertive. Except he's not being assertive at all. "Mako," she snaps, "If you don't touch me right now, you're never going to get any." His eyes widen slightly in surprise at her blunt statement, then he smirks devilishly, and before she can react, the weight of his body is off hers, and he's gotten out of the bed. Korra opens her mouth to protest, but he's back in a flash, having gathered something off the floor. Confused, she suddenly realizes with a jolt what he's going to do, only a second before he puts his plan into action. Taking his scarf, he wraps it around her wrists, then ties it around the bedpost, effectively subduing her. He smirks down at her. "Happy now?" he rumbles. His fingers trace paths around her breasts, teasing her mercilessly, never touching her nipples. Korra cries out in frustration, feeling herself soaking through her underwear. "Dammit, Mako, stop teasing me!" she exclaims, panting heavily. He continues to circle his ...
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