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...irst that she was kidding when she said 'moron', but now I see she was right on the money.Jimmy: Uh-uh. I'm smart! I made a backup for my Orange!Cindy: I thought you called it Cindy.Jimmy: I did, but I figured that Orange was a better name. I even peed in it again, so it'd be a true copy.Suddenly, it starts shaking. It then bursts out as a monster.Jimmy: See? I told you I was inti-eli-, ex-sepshion-al-ly...Hmm, what smart-sounding word can I think of that's easy to pronounce? Ooh! How about anus? Yeah, anus sounds good.Suddenly, it takes Jimmy, and throws him against the wall.Jimmy:(As he's flying) I knew it! I knew Orange was a bad name!Jake the Janinator: I'll take care of it.Jake the Janinator beats up the monster. He eventually kills it by poking it with a stick.The monster dies of internal bleeding, even though it has no blood.Jake the Janinator transforms back into Jacob the Janitor, right when Ms. Fowl gets back.Cindy proceeds to poke Jimmy with a stick, hoping he'll die, too.Unfortunately, he's so fat, not even a branch could penetrate him.THE ENDEpisode 3, Part I:Jimmy is walking outside, when he sees a flower. He starts peeing on it, when...Harry the Happy Hall Monitor: Hey! Peeing on flowers on school property is against the rules!Jimmy loo...
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