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... man, that's um, that's pretty embarrasing," said Stewie, "I mean look at you. You were running around in your freaking underwear when you were a lad.""Well... as long as she doesn't show those other photos," said Zack."Now here are the other photos, " said Jillian as she dug into her purse, "Zackie's bath time pictures""God F#ck! I hate you so much right now," said Zack as he fell backwards onto the ground and rocked from side to side."Zack, it's okay," said Lois, "We're laughing with you, not at you.""HAHAHA!" laughed Peter pointing at Zack right before he grabbed the most blunt object near him and threw it at Peter shutting him up for a while."Zack, It's nothing to be embarrassed about," said Meg, "In fact, I wish someone would show baby pictures of me.""Yeah, that would be possible. IF WE TOOK ANY BABY PICTURES OF YOU! HAHAHA!" laughed Peter, before Zack smashed a wooden chair on him, "OW! WHAT THE HELL?!?! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!""Sorry, just needed something to break" said Zack, "So any more ways to strip away my dignity, sis?""Nope," said Jillian rather cheerfully, "By the way, what's a dignity?""I thought so," said Zack."Say, Jillian," said Brian, "If you want, how about I take you on a date tonight?""I'd love to!," said Jillian, "Hey Zack, you and your boyfriend can come, too! It'll b...
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