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...ned. “I want you to make me into a real woman.” Ramona removed Stacy’s panties and placed one hand on her ass. Her skin was remarkably smooth. Ramona looked down at Stacy’s pussy and grinned. It was almost hairless, with just a small black landing strip just above her cunt was all that was there. She kept herself well groomed. Stacy shivered at Ramona’s touch. “You have… Nice hands…” She groaned, as Ramona slipped her finger into Stacy’s sex. Ramona’s answer was to slap Stacy’s ass, making her cry out in pleasure. Ramona figured she had a good bitch right here. Stacy reached around and undid her bra herself, letting it fall onto the bed, exposing her tits. On seeing Stacy’s glorious orbs, Ramona could not contain herself. She took Stacy’s right nipple into her mouth and licked and sucked on it until she was satisfied. She did the same for the left nipple. All through this, Stacy was crying out, her naked body covered in a mixture of sweat and love juices. All of a sudden, the pleasure Ramona was giving her down below began to overwhelm her. “I’m g-gonna… I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed so loud Ramona was sure the whole town could have heard. Sure enough, she came hard and fast, soaking both Ramona and the bed. Ramona was impressed. Stacy mustn’t have had sex in a long while. She decided to give Stacy a little treat. She stood up. “Look over here, babe,” She said ...
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