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...lancing toward the conference room doorway, he intoned, You can come in now, Delta.All eyes turned to the entrance, where a full-bosomed, chrome-plated automaton was taking mincing steps on tiny, wedge-shaped feet. The fembot wore a plain blue dress that reached down as far as her knee joints, and her copper-wire hair was bobbed at the ears. Her mouth was fixed in an oblivious cherry smile, and her eyes displayed even less emotion than the average robot.Coming to a halt three steps from the table, she stated in a schoolmarm-sweet voice, Greetings. My name is Delta. I await your command.All the Planet Express associates stared speechlessly at the newcomerexcept for Bender, who couldnt help but exclaim, Hubba hubba hubba!Control yourself, Bender, Amy chided the quivering robot.Oh, mama! babbled Bender as his cybernetic heart hammered against his metal chest. That dames really built! Look at the size of those Volkswagens! Humina humina huminaIf you think my breasts are too large, I can adjust them, said Delta in a complacent tone.Uh, professor? said Leela. Are you sure shes really qualified to fly the Planet Express ship? She seems a bitservile.Thats to be expected, said Farnsworths head. Delta was constructed by a famous roboticist to be the perfect female companion.Perfect? said Leela, her incredulity building.Before you judge her, said the professor, listen to her story. Its very entertaining.Those present who had ears listened...
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