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...everyone. Farnsworth looks pissed-Farnsworth [Shakes his fist] Damn you mutant-orange-garbage-eating-lobster-frisbees! [Zoidberg whines]Zoidberg [Mutters] Zoidberg will have his day [Dramatic music] You'll all see [the What if Machine turns on] Ooh it is on, turn up the volume!The What if Machine shows Planet Express crew in a desert. Zoidberg has a cape on, and everyone else is behind him-Zoidberg Friends, Family, and that grey Robot [Bender glares] We are on a quest to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Gnorw PopAmy You mean TootsieZoidberg Shut up soul sister [Amy and Zoidberg start dancing] Oooh yeah, show me the love babyAmy I'm sorry that was last year [Zoidberg Frowns]Leela Shouldn't we go?Zoidberg [Points at Leela] Don't you tell me what to do, Ms. Shouldn't-We-Go? Bender I'm getting rusty [Walks off a cliff]Farnsworth [Scratches head] How did that get there?Fry Let's ask ZoidbergZoidberg Okay, that is a good idea [Talks to himself] Zoidberg how did that get there?Leela Shouldn't we goZoidberg Don't make me mad! [Turns in to a 'Zoidberg-Hulk'] You don't like me when I'm angry [Chops Leela's head off, a mouse runs out of the head, Zoidberg bends down and eats the mouse] Tastes like Fry [Dramatic music]Fry Who Me?Farnsworth Yes YouAmy Could it be?Fry I don't knowFarnsowrth Let's danceAmy O-kay [The Rockettes join Fry, Farnsworth, and Amy as they do the 'can-can' And then Zo...
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