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...team, one that wasn't reckless or impulsive. One who didn't shoot fire in anger without thinking. She digs her fingers into the bed sheets, anxiously tensing and flexing her fingers. When had she started to care so much? Korra isn't sure how Mako and Bolin managed to worm their ways into her heart, but it's clear to her now that they're buried deep and no matter how selfish it is she can't lose them. Looking back at Mako, she realizes that it somehow always comes back to him. With Bolin, the friendship came so easy, it came as naturally to her as her bending. But Mako was different. Whether she was goofing off in order to see one of his rare smiles, or for him to sarcastically mock one of her follies, she realizes with shock that she has been seeking his approval. And she's lost it. Maybe it's the panic, the fear that causes her to stand and desperately press her lips to his. She's not exactly thinking clearly at this point – too consumed with fear and nerves. She hates these feelings, but loves the wicked heat that spreads through her at the feeling of his slightly chapped lips. Mako is tense at first. He pulls away, and moves to push her away but Korra only clings tighter, recapturing his lips and snaking her fingers through his hair to hold his face close t...
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