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...: LED ZEPPELIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay back to the story.when panini got to gazpacho's stand she was overjoyed to see gazpacho working at his stand, and even more so that he didn't have a single customer at the time, panini smiled s she walked up to the sand, gazpacho had a look of surprise on his face when he saw panini."panini, what the heck happened to you?" gazpacho asked, panini sighed as she answered."ms endive beat me up with an umbrella then threw me out the window, and she locked me out of her house, do you have any clothes i could borrow." panini said to a surprised gazpacho, who only stared, then he broke his surprised trance."i've got just the thing, i'll be right back" gazpacho said as he ran into his stand, almost immediately a young customer came up to the stand, she looked quite a bit like panini, in fact she looked EXACTLY like panini, although she had different clothes, the customer rang the bell, then she looked at panini, and panini looked at her."AAAAAAAAAAAH!!" they both screamed as they looked at each other, the two mirror images continued to stare at each other."you look just like me" they both shouted in unison."this is creepy" they both said."i agree" they, once again, shouted in unison, it took awhile fo them to get over their shock, then they broke the silence and started talking to their identical selves."my names panini, what's yours" panini asked, the identical cabearit smiled."i'm san...
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