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...u, if that's alright?" Soi Fon's smile turned benign. "I find it helps keep me calm." Akon shook his head. "Captain, you are no fool. You know why you are here. War approaches, and as we don't have a shinigami among us to provide information anymore, we require your assistance. As someone who works in intelligence, I think you would understand our desire not to go in blind, surely?" The serene smile that Soi Fon was wearing would have put Captain Unohana to shame. "You want information. Very well. Guess who the new Captain of the Twelfth Squad is?" His mouth tightened. "I couldn't begin to think." Her smile turned wicked. "Kisuke Urahara. That's the kind of mind you're up against Akon, and I've got to say, even if you do somehow extract information from me, I don't like your chances. The only reason you were even able to take me down was because I was distracted, otherwise the three of you wouldn't have stood a chance. You're not half the Espada your previous incarnations were." "We don't need to be!" Akon snarled as he stood up, knocking his chair back. "We've gone quantity over quality this time around, and your precious Soul Society will be overwhelmed. Aizen unleashed barely a quarter of his true fighting force – when this storm breaks we'll leave you all for dead." His words may have sent chills down Soi Fon's spine, but she ignored them, storing them up for when they'd be needed. "You wa...
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