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... to provoke him. The purple robot screamed in pure fury. He produced a massive ball of energy then hurled it at ADAX, but in his rage he wasn't aiming well enough. ADAX ducked, but he didn't need too. The shot passed by well away from where he was, side swept a reactor cylinder, the exploded into a wall.[Warning, reactor containment unit damaged] A mechanical voice droned out as alarms started to blare. [Total containment failure imminent]But neither Viruz nor ADAX was listening. The former was too caught up trying to destroy the latter, while the latter was concentrating on evading the former. Viruz shot out his remaining arm, attempting to claw at the green robot. But ADAX jumped out of the way, causing the High Commander to instead claw into a wall and send globules of molten metal flying. The purple robot whipped his head around in rage, turning to look at his target.ADAX just taunted him again. Viruz tore on, clawing and flinging energy balls as he went after ADAX. ADAX, in the meantime, was starting to feel lightheaded. His formaldehyde fluid was almost fully drained and his bio-circuits were stating to feel the effects. He started feeling woozy and his vision blurred. He shook his head and forced himself to focus.'Just a little more.' He mentally pleaded to himself.'You got it, buddy.' A voice in his mind answe...
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