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A Sample part of Lazy Town Hentai Story:

(A/N) As we all are very much aware, Evas back, baby! Thus, I find it necessary to give Eva another chapter, lest we avoid the comments pointing it out if we merely skipped over her and onto Trent. Besides, I totally want to put the romance aspect of EzekielXEva in a deeper context. So, without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy Evas second chapter!

The challenge was over. Leshawna was the victor, and Eva had almost everyone voting for her, with the exception of Duncan who really had no fear of the muscular girl. Eva thought she had stricken enough fear into the hearts of her competitors to keep her safe, but the exact opposite was true in that it was there fear that was to be her eventual downfall come the ceremony.

After casting her vote, Eva decided to spend a little time by herself on a secluded section of the beach. Little did she know that a familiar face was awaiting her.

Hey there. Said the raven haired woman to Eva when she arrived.

YOU! What are YOU doing here? spat Eva angrily.

What? Youre not happy to see me? said the woman.

Yeah, said Eva sarcastically, Im really happy to see the last person I saw when I got voted off the last time! Future self or not, youve got to have some sort of weird vibes going on or something! I think its more than coincidence that I got voted off when you happened to come around!

Eva, Eva, Eva!Said he future self, First of all, its not bad vibes. Its knowledge. I did, after all, already live through all this. Dont you think I would know when I would get voted off?

So why are you here now?!?! snapped Eva.

Thats my second point! her future self snapped back. Did you even listen to me the last time I was here? For crying out loud! All the anger management classes in the world wont help if you dont get it together. You should know that by now!

Hey! Those guys respect me because I dont take crap from anybody! yelled Eva.

No, they are afraid of you because you SCARE the crap out of EVERYBODY! Evas future self shot back.

There was a moment of silence.

Whats the difference, anyway? asked Eva calmly and, actually, sincerely.

Evas future self folded her arms, closed her eyes, and smiled as she gently shook her head, You rea...

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