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Own nothing

She laid in bed that night, sleeping a very distressed sleep. Sometimes she dreamt of her friends, her mother, the heart. And sometimes her father.

She tossed and turned, hearing other voices scream for help. She watched as person after person both mutant and non die by the same killer, over and over again. He would stalk the object of his obession for days on end, learning their habits, their likes and dislikes, and their fears. He became to be what they feared most when they died.

If one person was scared of water,scared of drowning, he would throw them into a pool, or lake, and hold them under until they were unconsious and they bring them, back up. And he watch as the person is found, and then wait until they thought they were safe again, and the start all over.

He did it to a women who recently move to New Jersey, to get away from him in Montana. She did everything to make sure she wasnt near any bodies of water the she could be drowned in. but she was found dead in a two foot puddle in her back yard.

Another case where a man was found dead next to a dog who had rabies. A teenage girl who was a mutant was found raped, and died from exessive bleeding. More and more were on the news, and no one could find the serial killer.

And tonight she dreamed that he was after her. She ran from him in her dreams, trying to use her powers to hear his thoughts. But she couldnt, he blocked her from ever hearing him. If this was any normal circumstance, she would be delighted, but he was tryign to kill her, and she didnt want that to happen.

She ran down the walkways in Central Park, trying to get to where more people were. Trying to find a way to not be alone. She say broadway, the lights shining brightly giving her hope. She ran into the theatre seeing all of the people entering the room. She sat in the middle row, with millions of people surrounding her. She felt like she wasnt alone, she was safe from ever being alone.

She watched as the production of Legally Blonde the musical began. She like the movie, so this should be good. She laughed, and cried at the moments when she felt the need to. She felt the presence of everyone feeling her same emotions towards the scenes in front of them.

But suddenly the laughter stopped, everything froze. She looked around to see that everyone disappeared. She was alone again. She walked up to the stage, calling out for anyone, but only her own voice answered. She stood there, center stage, and no one was there to see her.

Willow, you should know better to think...

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