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A Sample part of Cartoon Porn Story:

A Soul Imprisoned

Chapter 2

Venger watched the Young Ones from the balcony on one of the upper floors. All was going according to his plan, but he had to take this slowly, unlike his usual approach of going straight for what he wanted, and blowing everything up that stood in his way. This plan needed careful consideration if it was going to be executed properly. He moved back further into the shadows, still contemplating his next move.

They were in some kind of hallway. There was a huge flight of stairs opposite them which lead up to the next floor. Suits of armour and tapestries lined the hallway and in between these, candles burned on cast iron candle sticks all along the walls. Combined with the energy bows light, they cast an array of shadows around them. From what they could see, it was obvious nobody took care of the place. There was a layer of dust over everything, including the floor.

Looks like nobodys been here in years! exclaimed Presto.

They should certainly fire the cleaning crew, Eric commented as they stepped further into the castle.

This place sure is spooky, Sheila commented eyeing a pair of stone gargoyles that sat either side of the staircase. They reminded her of the ones shed seen in The Lost Tower and she shivered as she pulled her cloak tighter around her body, and moved closer to the others.

Yeah, no telling who - or what - lived here, Hank commented.

Uh guys, Presto stammered pointing towards the staircase I think whatever it is, is still here! Look!

The others turned and looked in the direction the Magician pointed. A figure was gliding towards them from the shadows.

Instinctively, all six of them took up a stance ready to fight if necessary. As the figure drew closer, it appeared to be almost floating. It was extremely tall with a long cloak that covered its whole body including its face.

It looks like the third ghost in a Christmas Carol, Bobby whispered.

Yeah, but somehow I doubt that hes full of all that Christmas cheer, Eric replied sarcastically, raising his shield a bit higher.

The hooded figure stopped just short of a foot away from the Young Ones.

Who are you? Hank asked, with his bow glowing from the arrow he was holding. Were looking for the Crystal of Ice. We were told that we could find it here.

The figure said nothing and Eric was just about to give another sarcastic comment when it raised its head and nodded. Still keeping his arrow drawn, Hank made ready to question it further, when the figure turned slightly and beckoned them to follow.

Hank spoke quickly and quietly to the others.

Guys, if this is our way of getting out of here, then I think were all willing to try. But until we know f... More Cartoon Sex Stories...

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