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A Sample part of Cartoon Hentai Story:

Chapter 27

Frozen Time

While the Winx and Timmy were retrieving the Digital Crystal, things werent looking to good for Tecna. She was locked in a huge, but very dark room. The Technolord was once again staring at her with his wicked, silver eyes. She shivered inside as he stared, but she know that with whatever was coming to her, Timmy was going to come for her that night.

Youre just sad, your whole realm is going to get destroyed, and all the blame will be on you! as the Technolord pointed his finger at her, she shuddered. He was right, and all she cared about was getting back to Alfea safely, and as he kept insulting her, she felt like she was being selfish, only thinking of herself when her whole realm was in danger. Now, the Technolord had ultimate digital power and there was no hope. Until she saw it, something that could help her to get her powers back. It was a counterspell book that was just sitting there, waiting for her.

Now, what should I do with you? the Technolord wondered over to the other side of the room, pacing in thought. As he turned away from her, she raced toward the book. However, when Tecna reached out for it, she felt something hit her hand. It was like a slingshot had hit it. The Technolord had slapped her hand so she wouldnt continue to grab the book.

You think you can get away with breaking that voice spell. Its too powerful for a fairy to break. the Technolord lied to her, he thought that if he told her it was unbreakable, she was loose confidence. This would give him an advantage. The only way to break it was for Timmy to announce his true love to her, which he was going to. Though, the Technolord had completely different plans. He grabbed her hands tightly, and made another one of his techno smoke portals. As they wondered through it, they ended up back in that room where the Technolord kept Tecna at night, the room that had no way out. He once again throw her on the bed, thi...

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